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Family transitions are difficult. Legal matters that affect your loved ones can pull you in a variety of directions and cause you to feel confused and helpless. Brion Gardner and the team at The Law Office of Brion L. Gardner want to do everything we can to ensure you understand your options and feel confident making the most important legal decisions of your life.

We are a full-service family law firm serving the Murfreesboro, Tennessee area. We take pride in what we do – both fighting to protect the rights of our clients and their families, and taking a compassionate approach to some of life’s most sensitive and complicated legal matters. Our goal is to guide you through Tennessee’s sometimes confusing legal system, while also providing you with the best service possible, whether your family law issues are simple or complex.

Clients count on us for assistance with a variety of family legal matters, including:


Making the decision to end your marriage, or having your spouse make that decision for you, creates a variety of complex emotions and leaves you with a multitude of difficult choices. From issues involving financial matters and division of assets to making changes in your child’s life, we’re here to provide you with sound and compassionate legal advice.

Child Custody and Child Support

Decisions concerning your children are the most important you will make during your divorce. We work with clients to ensure the best interests of their children are the priority and that their parental rights are protected.

Parental Relocation

Parental relocation can affect custody and parenting time, as well as a variety of other issues. If you or your child’s other parent needs to relocate, there are legal issues you need to address. We can help you arrange a schedule for visitation or modify an existing custody arrangement, and ensure your parental rights are protected, even if you or your child’s other parent’s residence must change. We will also fight against parental relocation if such relocation violates Tennessee law.

Paternity Proceedings

Paternity is determined through blood and DNA testing, and might be required by the court in certain circumstances. Paternity ensures your rights – and your responsibilities - as a father are legally enforceable. We’ll provide the guidance you need to make informed and intelligent decisions regarding paternity, whether you are the mother of a child looking to prove paternity, or a father who needs to prove or disprove paternity.

LGBT Matters

Sometimes there is no difference between same-sex couples and male-female couples family legal issues, but this is not always the case. And because laws regarding same-sex marriage recently changed, there are many couples facing legal issues that were never before a problem. I am able to provide guidance for LGBT couples when legal matters arise.

Are you facing legal decisions regarding your family? Are legal issues in question that could affect your rights or put your child at risk? We want to help.

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