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Divorce brings a great deal of stress and anxiety, much of which can be attributed to uncertainties about its cost. For many, the decision to divorce brings with it few definitive answers about money. Many divorcing spouses have no idea how much it will cost to end their marriage.

I believe there is an easier way and it is my goal is to change this financial uncertainty in the divorce process.

I want to provide you with the support and legal guidance you need during your divorce without the open-endedness many attorneys require.

Legal Services are the Only Purchase You Will Ever Make that Requires a Commitment without Knowing the Final Cost

When you decide to hire an attorney, hourly fees are discussed, but there is no telling how many hours it will take to end a marriage. Even the best case scenario can balloon into endless effort and frustration – all while the bill continues to add up. And all too often, divorcing spouses realize in the midst of their divorce – one of the most important transitions of their life – they are unable to afford continued litigation. Their attorney retracts his or her services just when they are needed most.

I Provide a Better Financial Arrangement for Couples Who Have Chosen Divorce

Instead of providing clients with an hourly rate and an open-ended quote for services, I provide clients with a flat rate.

During our initial meetings, we’ll discuss your situation and the expected result. We’ll explore various scenarios and determine the best possible paths to pursue, as well as various alternatives. I have worked with hundreds of clients and I understand no divorce is the same as another. We’ll set a realistic budget and should we exceed that budget, my office will assume the cost. Additionally, I work with each client to create a payment plan, whenever necessary.

This gives you the security and peace of mind needed to focus on what is most important during this transition – your own well-being and that of your family.

If you would like to know more or you are ready to speak to someone about your situation, please call my office. There is no reason why any family should be forced to struggle or suffer because the cost of legal services are unpredictable.

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